Small Is Beautiful – Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Is Beautiful – Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathroom design is essential when trying to meet your bathroom demands in a small space. Having a small bathroom does not mean your have to sacrifice style or fittings, so this is a brief guide to give you some small bathroom ideas.

If you are trying to fit your small bathroom suite in to a room the size of a phone box then give it the tardis touch by creating an illusion of space. This can be achieved with careful and creative use of colour, glass and mirrors. Using light coloured bathroom tiles or paint is essential to creating a spacious feel. Do not be afraid to add contrast with splashes of darker colour but over doing it will turn your bathroom in to a cave. Use white as a base and add pastel shades to add dimension and create warmth.

Natural light is an obvious bonus but if you are not blessed with a window consider velux or roof windows, even a window from an adjacent room will help. Use glass shower doors instead of curtains, or glass blocks instead of plasterboard for partitions. The clever use of mirrors can add the illusion of depth when put in the right place, but be sparing and don’t place them opposite each other. You want to create the illusion of extra space not make your bathroom an amusement ground attraction.

Good small bathroom design is more than just colour and materials, carefully chosen fittings will maximize space and define your bathroom style. Think about storage, where are you going to put your bathroom towels and accessories. You can have a vanity basin and storage beneath the sink, but a better use of space would be floating cupboards up out off the way. Shelves, door hooks and sliding doors on cupboards are all helpful additions when utilizing every square foot.

A heated towel rail can double up as a radiator giving heat, reducing the need for floor space and providing somewhere to hang and dry your towels. The shape and design of your bath or shower is also very important. Go for a deep bath rather than a long or corner bath as they are much more efficient with floor space whilst being functional and comfortable. If you have a square shower cubicle think about changing it for a curved one with clear unpatterned glass. Basins and toilets also come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your bathroom size and design.

With a little time spent on planning and maximizing your bathroom space you can make your small bathroom ideas becomes a gleaming reality.