Grout Bully Review: Grout Cleaner and Touch Up System

Grout Bully Review: Grout Cleaner and Touch Up System

Make Any Tiled Surface Look Brand New With Grout Bully

A nice clean tiled floor or wall helps to make any bathroom, kitchen or entryway look neat, clean and inviting. The only problem is that the grout that surrounds these tiles gets dirty and can be a real headache to bleach or clean. It can take hours of scrubbing with many different tools to achieve a clean, white grout line. With Grout Bully, all you have to do is apply this great new formulated grout cleaner.

With each every 4 oz bottle of Grout Bully you get enough of the formula to make the grout in even large bathrooms or kitchens sparkle. You simply shake the bottle and then apply the formula with the perfectly shaped built in applicator to the grout of any type of tile. You then just wipe the excess off with any rag, brush or sponge leaving behind grout that looks brand new.

Grout Bully’s special formula is designed with nanotechnology that penetrates the grout to clean, sanitize and whiten or recolor any grout. This great product comes in five great colors to match any tile. There is the traditional white, classic black, grey, tan and even terracotta colored formulas.

Paying a professional to re-grout your tile floors and walls can a fortune and take many hours and even days to complete. With the Grout Bully it only takes a few minutes or a couple hours to do and costs much less saving you time and money. This is a great deal, and it is a product that really works the way it says it does to clean and color the grout lines of your home.

One of the great things about this product is that you can use Grout Bully to give your tile a fresh look as well. Just use one of the colored formulas to contrast and blend with the tile that you have. For example, take your white tile and use the terra cotta Grout Bully formula and you have a great new look for your room. If you tire of one color of grout then just apply a new color such as tan, or grey to make room feel like it is new. You could use paint pens to do the same thing but that can be expensive and tend not to cover as well as the Grout Bully does. The pens can also take a while to dry, increasing your change of smudging. With this product it dries quickly, and if there is an oopsie you can clean it up quickly and completely.

So as you can see if you have tile in your house the Grout Bully can help you to keep it looking its best giving your home a cleaner, fresher look. You can change it regularly if you wish, change colors and add a new look or freshen up the look you do have. This product saves you time & money.