Applying Course Codes 0042 and 9102

Applying Course Codes 0042 and 9102

Workers’ compensation insurance policy in Florida and around 40 other states, use a classification code program developed by the Nationwide Council on Payment Insurance policy (NCCI) to price coverage rates in another way for groups of staff. There are approximately 600 class codes, and the two principal codes used for workforce in the landscaping market are 0042 and 9102.

I often experience landscape maintenance enterprises that have their workers misclassified and are ready to not only get a 50% reduction on their present insurance coverage rates, but are also capable to file for reimbursements from overpayments on prior staff payment procedures.

These ordeals and many other inquiries about how these classification codes may be utilized with each other on a policy, have brought to my notice a have to have to communicate precise details to the landscaping marketplace about the employs of employees payment codes 0042 and 9102.

Initially, let us start with a brief description of every single classification code with estimates from NCCI’s official descriptions:

Course Code 0042 – Applies to workers mainly engaged in scheduling, clearing, grading, laying of sod, seeding, and planting required for landscape set up operations. Planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers are classified to this code along with general gardening routines.

Class Code 9102 – Applies to staff members that conduct maintenance of lawns, grounds, and gardens. “The servicing may entail lawn mowing, raking, application of liquid or granular fertilizer, spraying and trimming of shrubs or tiny trees from the ground, and thatching or aerating. If any a person or all of the previously mentioned operations are executed by a lawn routine maintenance danger labeled to Code 9102, then minimal and incidental landscaping functions executed by the very same threat, these types of as the alternative of useless shrubs, the planting of a couple of bouquets, and the inserting of rock or brick as edging models are integrated beneath Code 9102. This insignificant landscaping operation is distinguished from get the job done performed by an insured at a task or spot wherever the major work at the task or locale is landscaping. Due to the fact garden spraying is a maintenance operation, a chance engaged exclusively in function of this nature is classified to Code 9102.”

In Florida, the 2010 charges for theses course codes are 6.36 for code 0042 and 3.49 for code 9102. In the other states, class code 0042 also has a significantly bigger ranking than course code 9102. For firms in the landscaping business, this emphasizes the great importance of distinguishing amongst the two classification codes.

In several states, staff members that interact in equally landscape set up and landscape upkeep routines can have their corresponding payroll divided in between the course codes if proper data are taken care of. Consult with your insurance coverage agent for the particular classification principles in your area condition. In accordance to the condition exception wording under the 9102 course code, Florida landscaping enterprises can use class code 0042 and 9102 on their workers’ payment policy only if those people “functions described by these classifications are performed by separate crews.”